Shadows On The Wall

"Shadows On The Wall": A photo from this morning, a poem from this evening, both together in the image...

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Lighthouse Park

Maybe I'm on a kid blog binge: the red tulip was a gift from my son; the apple blossoms for my daughter; so I said to them, I'm going , I need trees. Get on the phone & on the NET, get us out of the house, on the sky train, and on the #250 bus to Horseshoe Bay.

The bus driver forgot to let us off, but I jumped up when I saw Beacon Lane, and he apologized as he let us off at the next stop, and back we walked. So we went hiking, there's nothing much to tell, or maybe another post tomorrow, but here's some pics. Yup: that's the trail; aren't those rocks something; and the lighthouse after which the park is named. It took us only an hour to get there, on a scenic bus ride over Lion's Gate Bridge, along the glistening rim of the Pacific ocean...

O, sorry, Spring out here in British Columbia was 2 months ago, now it's hot like Summer...

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Woman of the Sun & Blossoms

Two disparate images today, one on a walk to the park in the hours just after dawn, the other a sketch I did lying in a hammock.

My daughter's the model, though she doesn't look like that, it's not a portrait, but inspired by her. Before she was born, I pulled a Tarot card for her, and it was the major arcana card, The Sun.

I'm calling it, "Woman of the Sun & Blossoms"...

It's just a bit of fun for the day...

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The Red Tulip

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Solidifying Into Light

If you'd like to listen to a poetry reading, there is a 3 minute recording of this piece at my site at Sound Click: MP3 Recording of "Solidifying Into Light"

I like to work with multi-media approaches, the writing, an image, a reading...

Writing the words of a prose poem in an image is a time-consuming process, as I found when I photomontaged Horizon After Horizon of Singing Bowls. In "Solidifying Into Light" there is perhaps too much text, yet with much tweaking it can 'work,' if barely.

Creating an image to embed the writing in? It's always a challenge. Today, a photograph, of my amber pendant, my hand beneath the prose poem...


This prose poem arose out of a rather large case of plagiarism at a blog site that has now been closed down.

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Pensive Woman

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It is crucial to NEVER forget...

Let us never, never forget: Liberation of Belsen.
I haven't been able to stop crying since watching this. Let us NEVER forget. Each generation must remember. NEVER LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN. EVER.

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A tree of birdhouses...

The way the branches form patterns, and that blue sky, and those birdhouses are incredible ~ from a master dollhouse maker's studio surely, the detail alone worth admiring. Photos from a walk an hour ago. (If you can't see it, go here:

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Red Breast...

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Sky Tangos...

The birth of stars amidst colliding galaxies with their deathly black holes fascinates me...

Collisions of galaxies in the young universe caused prodigious star production even while the black holes at their centres increased exponentially.

Matter suctioned by the dense gravity of black holes flew at massive speeds inwards as gases were blasted to the outer fringes creating the luminescent edges of the merging galaxies.

The light pouring out of such ancient crucibles of creation and destruction creating the very memories we see emblazoned in the night sky through our telescopes.

In such collisions, a thousand more solar masses of stars formed each year than in our slower star-creating counterparts in the modern galaxies we exist in.

But when I look at simulations of colliding galaxies, I see only tangos and hot passion, sangrias and lust, sex and creating babies, the madness of merging amidst looming black holes and bright bursting stardust across the heavenly skies, an explosive terrain of love...

The photo is an active link back to the article at, for those of you who want to explore more...
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