Praise for 'Fugue in Green'

Amazon is now selling Fugue in Green for its real price, and not over-charging. Indigo is a great place to get it. Also, you can get a signed one tonight at the Art Bar, where I'm featuring. (Free Times Café on College, 8:30pm start) xoxo (see my website for links)

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone's who's read Fugue and written a review or a few sentences - SO appreciate. Love you all!!!

Praise for 'Fugue in Green'

-❊ Erotic and sensual, extraordinarily vivid and imaginative, Fugue in Green is a magical treat indeed. -@Lisa de Nikolits, author of No Fury Like That and 6 earlier novels

-❊ Fugue in Green…is a tale of monsters, imperfect sunsets and waifs who were born of cats and “speak the language of birds”. Its haunting prose, as sharp and perfect as a diamond and as delicate as a spider’s web, is a prayer cried out loud: a prayer for freedom. -@Heather Babcock, author of Being Underground and Moving Backwards

-❊ This deceptively small book is a blockbuster. You start reading, slowly entering the mysterious pool of Clews' writing, unaware that its spell is creeping upon you and into your ears, eyes and nostrils until you are one with the liquid thoughts and dreams of these interwoven characters. I highly recommend this surreal - but very true - life's tale. -@Stirling Davenport, an artist and author of The Nightwing's Quest, and two earlier books.

-❊ Fugue in Green is one of those mythic books that one feels compelled to read in one sitting. And if you buy only one book this year, make sure it is this one. -@Charles Taylor, author of The Stupidity of Fuck

-❊ A gothic fairytale of spiritual connections, mystical protectors & escaping the clutches of a monster in Brenda Clews’ gripping, mesmerizing, magical Fugue in Green....Magical, sensuous and seductive, Clews’ words swirl around you and draw you in; mesmerizing with evocative colours and haunting, ethereal—and sometimes disturbing—images. A short, gripping modern fairy tale, it’s perfect for curling up for an afternoon or evening read, easily finished in one sitting. -@Cate McKim, published short story and creative non-fiction writer, actor, singer, playwright, scenic artist, bartender, newsletter columnist, company blogger and editorial consultant.

-❊ This beautifully written story disturbed me with all the cruelty and grimness of a real-life totally believable 'fairy tale,' yet I felt uplifted by Steig's growing ability to find refuge and healing in both nature and her own creativity. I loved the strands of the different narratives woven into a fugue of luxuriant greenery, both dark and light. [Fugue in Green] was a gripping read! -@Donna Langevin, author of The Laundress of Time and 5 earlier books.

-❊ Fugue in Green is largely about the creative process itself, which is skilfully woven into the narrative, blurring the boundaries between the creative imagination and the reality of everyday life. -@Irena Nikolova, author of Complementary Modes of Representation in Keats, Novalis, and Shelley

-❊ Fugue in Green is a 'gothic fairy tale'… but also a story of intuition, of a sadly dysfunctional family and a mentally ill, abusive mother, an evocation of the power of creative thought, a ghost story and a voyage of recovery….The overall effect is a hallucinatory, highly poetic kind of fiction….I recommend you read it. -John Oughton author of Mata Hari's Lost Words and 6 earlier books

-❊ What an amazing story! Very spiritual and at the same time mystical. It touched on good and evil, Heaven and Hell. -Marjorie Babcock

-❊ Fugue in Green courageously guides the reader through dark waters that many fear and few have successfully navigated. –Dr. Tom Gannon Hamilton, author of forthcoming chapbook, El Marillo, and 2 earlier poetry collections.

-❊ I was… impressed with… [Brenda's] ability to forge a very readable “down-to-earth” mix of prose and narrative, a hybrid of brilliantly flighty dreamscape imagery and gosh-darned-gut-gripping suspense. -Roman Romaniuk, author of Roman's Notes on DNA


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