Beached Heart

Beached Heart

layer flowing of
ocean in Whale-God
with pearls, jazz
cat* in belly

salt blood a
political flow-body of
ecological appropriation
against fishermen

siphoning ocean water
mollusk, crill, sand
singing whale songs
in matter-energy flow

its capture
the red sand
blood-flow against
black co-agulated ink

a linguistic continuity
politic of ecobeing
folding fish bone into brine
ocean foam

(c) 2010 Brenda Clews
*Schrodinger's cat

Beached Heart, 2010, 8" x 11", 20cm x 27cm, India ink, Faber-Castelli watercolour pencils on archival paper.

Beached Heart, a poem painting, though the words in the drawing are a poeming different to the poem, about a harpooned whale.

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