'Fugue in Green,' video from Quattro Books Launch Jan 2018

direct link: Fugue in Green Quattro Books publisher launch Jan 2018

This is my first videoed reading of my new novella, Fugue in Green. It has received great reviews. This novella was written during NaNoWriMo 2012! It kind of wrote itself. I am happy with this little book. The Quattro Launch was fabulous - crowded, a great line-up of authors and their books, a fun night.

So far, I have 8 reviews of Fugue in Green, and the reviewers all like the book! Ok, at present they are reviews by my friends, who are all authors, which floors me and blows me away - I can't believe how wonderful people are! I am humbled and grateful before them. I have all the reviews collected, and readable in screens that open on the page, on my FIG webpage.

The cover is a detail of my 5' x 5' painting, Charcoal Poems.

Quattro produced a beautiful book, the paper is good vellum, the print is dark, and there is a full line between each indented paragraph, making the reading experience quite wonderful. You can buy a copy from Indigo Books in Canada (Amazon Canada is charging more than the book costs), and Amazon in the US (where they are priced correctly and are a bit cheaper due to the exchange rate). There's also Quattro Books, but they're a small press and it might take awhile to receive a copy purchased there. Though if you want to put in a larger order, definitely contact them to see about the price. I also sell them - so connect if you're in Toronto.

The full launch video of all the authors whose books Quattro launched on January 31, 2918  is at my Poetry and Music Salons channel.

All the info with all the links to booksellers is on my Fugue webpage: http://brendaclews.com/books/fugue-in-green

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