Language is the cage through which I express my passion

Yay! HP has finally provided an OS X Lion driver for my printer scanner! I re-worked one of the ink drawings/paintings in my Moleskine sketchbook tonight.

"LANGUAGE IS THE CAGE THROUGH WHICH I EXPRESS MY PASSION" - detail - 21cm x 29cm, 8" x 11.5", 2011, India and acrylic ink, gel pen, oil paint on Moleskine Folio Sketchbook A4 prepared with a base of acrylic matte medium. Prints available too!

I like the detail best. While I love Blogger's new lightbox, sometimes I'd like to show you a large image, so click on these linked words to see the detail in full screen-size. You can also buy the detail at Fine Art America - a single card for $6.50, or a print starting at $22.00 USD. Lots of options!

Below the first draft, and the second. I think it's finished, but... could give better definition to her arms and hands, make the line a little more lyrical; on the other hand, she is marionette-like. She is meant to impart a feeling of contained, and what easier way to convey that imprisonedness, in language, in form than with hands and feet that are as if sewn? The feet are hanging almost, puppet-like, and the hands as if sewn into the lines of the painting - yet there is a regal quality to her, I think of her as a doll who has echoes of a Spanish dancer, proud, beautiful. Her head, neck and torso have an inner frame, perhaps wood, over which the costume is affixed; the arms and legs are stuffed cloth. The way such dolls are. She wears a corset and only half of a skirt of black lace. Despite the contraints, she dances in the painting, the passion broiling in the red, firing her.

A man who calls himself Papytroll Michel (on Facebook) wrote: "Merveilleuse ta ballerine ensanglantée au visage dépecé.Très puissant.Très bon partage clair/obscur. Encore, encore d'autres :) Supernatural your ballerina stained with blood with the dismembered face. Very powerful. Very good clear / dark division(sharing). Still, still the others:)" 

I thanked him for his insightful comment that is like poetry, and '...I don't know where these paintings come from, even I have to try to understand them, and your comments help me to see deeper in their meanings... rarely do I set out to draw or paint something specific... rather... to discover what is there.'

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