Joe Halder's 'The Falling Room' on CFBU 103.7FM

This episode of Joe Halder’s ‘The Falling Room’ on CFBU 103.7FM aired on February 5, 2010. Brock U/public radio: It's an hour.

I found the pieces Halder collected and wove into a radio show inspiring, enthralling and just plain wonderful to listen to (though I have to admit the first piece was my least favourite - keep listening, some jewels to come). A short piece I recorded back in 2005 (1½min) is included.

His show features experimental, minimalist and avant garde music from independent artists. He came across my work at SoundClick. From our little bit of correspondence, he strikes me as a perceptive, brilliant guy. He engages in conversations with the artists he airs; quite young, my bet is that he will shape some of the independent music he plays. Already he is giving me ideas for how to develop my future poetry recordings, enabling me to see his ability to potentially shape a vision of independent music firsthand.

Here is the production sheet/playlist he sent me:

The Falling Room - February 5, 2010


0 Minutes:

Steve Hansen Smyth - Internet Release - SUNDAYALYSIS - Independent - X 5:16 - TK 16

Elaine May Bowling - Internet Release - EAT MY WORDS - Independent - X 1:54 - TK 6

Brenda Clews - Internet Release - MARCH 4, 2005 - Independent - X 1:29 - TK 3

Indian in the Machine - Internet Release - TRIP ON MY FLUTES - Independent - X 7:25 - TK 3

Omni toner - Internet Release - GHOST DANCE - Independent - 2:39 - TK 3

20 Minutes:

Phenotypo - Internet Release - THE # 3825, PLEASE RECEIVE A MESSAGE - 7:46 - TK 6

30 Minutes:

Mickey Zero - Alphabetical Orders NAMES LIKE, SONGS LIKE Mickey Cohen - 3:30 - TK 4

Earth 2 - Internet Release - EUROPA SIRENS - Independent - 4:13 - TK 4

40 Minutes:

Tom Parsons - AZURE SPARKLE ON THE WATER - Parsongs - 4:40 - TK 1

Salatus Train - MYSTERY RAIL COACH - Independent - 5:30 - TK 7

Anahata - Internet Release - HEMI SYNC BRAIN WAVES - Independent - 9:32 - TK 4

60 Minutes

Note: Salatus-Poland, Mickey Zero (France), Phenotypo (Japan), Omnitoner, Earth 2, Tom Parsons, Anahata (USA)

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Musical creativity promoting creative processes...


Direct link: Jean Toba's Cyb'air, described as 'gascoAmbientoJazzFunk contemporain relaxant.'

* The simplicity of this electronic music with its white spaces is conducive to my inner poetic thoughts. It's not shifting my brainwaves so much as moving with them. How this is I cannot explain. Is this ambient background music or muse to create by? A bicycle pump & air? Too wild for words. And yet it's gentle, opening pathways rather than probing; allowing a strange rhythm rather than imposing one. I like! I like!

Jean Toba writes in his album notes:

I published this album, to answer to many fans demands (2 or 3) and to the heavy request of my dear grandmother a hundred years old who could still not hear the musical treasures of her little jean.. . that's done, I can sleep quiet and my grandmother too.

Cyb'Air or the incredible meeting between a computer and a bicycle pump.

The cover of the album illustrates perfectly this historic meeting !

From this meeting spouted out three sound petals (tocToc berlin and robotGym). This is the little sound bunch I offer you ... It's easier to share than a little pot of butter available to web surfers!

TocToc : it scratchs, it strikes, it is bizarrrre, it undulates, it rubs, it squeaks, it is jean Toba. Berlin is an autumn stroll in Berlin in the early 20 th century.

RobotGym : it is an atmosphere in the way of Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" .

Go on relax and listen!

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Grünemusik's 'Nyx' - experimental music for inner journeys...

Direct link to Grünemusik's 'Nyx' on Jamendo - 6 tracks, about 30 minutes.

You can download this album for free if you wish. It carries a Creative Commons License.

Profound experimental music for inner journeys...

A large vision. I listened to 30 sec of the first track last night and downloaded without reading the notes. This morning, out with the dog in the morning air, I listened.

And I thought how far some of our musicians have moved from 'traditional' music, though I was not thinking of the Orient but of the European concert. Melody and rhythm don't exist in this album in the traditional sense.

There is a beat, but it is organic. As if we are moving through a deep underground cave. Echoes. Stalagtites. Distant water where diving is so deep as to be depthless. Strange sea creatures in those black waters of the lakes in the underground caves. Ecstatic diving, bubbles, cool pure water.

As we move through the dark cool chambers of the cave, its damp limestone walls, light cascades in occasionally. Ebullient. Nourishment for our earthbound bodies.

The woman singing is ethereal, like a Greek siren calling, or an angel healing, she is both, and a vocaloid who is aesthetically crafted.

We move through Nyx as if in a movie. I felt an archetypal narrative unfolding in my depths. The "Primordial goddess of the night"... wow! Yes! I felt her, strongly, in my first listening, before referring to the notes.

The drums throughout hold everything together for me. They are my link to traditional music, tribal music, and the power of the Orient beats here too.

Fukataku's drumming anchors the subterranean journey of this soundscape. This soundscape in 6 sections - organic sonic world of strange sounds and energies and things sweeping, by, close, far, ebulliently, darkly, it's almost a ghost world, and yet more primal than that. The human and the animal and the synthesized all co-alesque in this deeply mythological, archetypal music that is ambient and trance and has flavours of traditional Japanese music which takes the listener through a deep inner journey in the dark and mysterious places of the soul.
Photo of cave from David Darling.
From Nyx's album notes:

Album description

The primordial goddess of the night. Dark ambient atmosphere with Miku-dub.

Notes on tracks:

1) Melisma singing of the vocaloid Miku in the eastern Asia flavor.
2) Electric ambient dub in three parts with vocaloid's chant.
3) A dub version segued from the previous track.
4) Aether is the elemental god of the "Bright, Glowing, Upper Air." Minimal sequence of electric piano diverges.
5) Nyx, the goddess of the night, appears from the bottom of dark ancient Chaos. Based on a session with Fukataku, the drummer.
6) A short sketch in five. The vocaloid Miku sings the last one verse to fade out.

Grünemusik is the name of a unit owned by hikaru (nankado). He's been publishing experimental-pop tunes since 2000 in Japan.

Original CD-Rs internationally available on-line at his official website.

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