Brenda Clews is a multi-media poet, artist and video poet who interweaves
poetry, painting, theory, dance and video in various ways in her work.

Performance Videopoems

Split Mask


A selection of my video poetry. Please check back as some of these are performance versions (#4 & #6 without voiceovers) and will be updated soon.

1 Split Mask
2 Dance of the Sarong
3 Threnody in Clay
4 A Floral Opera
5 Colour of Near Death
6 Ink Ocean

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Tidal Fury

Performance videopoems from my book, Tidal Fury (Guernica Editions, 2016).

1 The Medusa
2 Dance of the Sarong
3 Chthonic
3 One-Hour Tidal Fury Performance
4 Featured @Hot-Sauced Words Feb 2017
5 Guernica Editions Tidal Fury Book Launch

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