Charcoal Poems

Fugue in Green (Quattro Books, Dec 2017)

A detail of my painting, Charcoal Poems, 5' x 5', oil on canvas, became the cover image for my prose poetry novella, Fugue in Green.

Fugue in Green is a gothic fairy tale. Two teens struggle with their psychotic mother as they seek asylum with their father. In resonant, echoing images of psychic connections between characters, a tale of abuse, madness, love and release emerges. Sumptuously written, the book is full of visions and deep understanding of the nascent creative mind and its relationship to nature.

Fugue in Green reviews, video and links to all major booksellers.

Brenda @ RAW Artists

Raw Artists Presents VERVE 2016

In the Summer of 2016, I participated in a fabulous one-night show at the Mod Club in Toronto. I performed Split Mask and from Tidal Fury on the stage and had an artist's station too. About 700 people were there. An exciting time! The photo was taken by a professional photographer for the promo for the show.

Tidal Fury
Tidal Fury video

Tidal Fury (Guernica Editions, 2016)

Almost the cover image for my book, Tidal Fury. She represents both the older narcissist woman in the text, who always dresses in black with red splashes, and The Medusa, my scary muse - it took a year to design a simple Medusa headdress, and I am happy with the result.

Tidal Fury intermeshes styles in narratorial strands. A love story -- he was “a literary device, and then I discovered we knew each other intimately.” An aged narcissist who wields power and invokes a subtext on the social politics of power. A poet whose muse is Medusa. Tidal Fury is a poetry on the edge of the text of an interior ocean of fury and passion. The collection includes artwork from the poet.

Tidal Fury reviews, video and links to all major booksellers.

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